Group gathering at the hotel parking lot at 2 p.m. Nice ride to Poreč by confortable bus, where the group will be welcomed by a local tour guide. Upon arrival follows a pleasent walking city tour trough the streets of Poreč, an old town established during a period of Roman Empire as Parentium, and discover of its cultural and historical attractions. The most valuable is Euphrasiana, early Christian complex with its world known Basilica from 6th Century with authentic Byzantine mosaics from the same period, which are one of the best preserved one in the world. The whole complex is UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1997. Also the group will walk along Dekumanus street, Maximus street, visiting the Two Saint House.

After the city tour, arrival to the harbor and ambarking on the boat. Pleasant boat ride along the panorama of Poreč, sailing through the Lim canal, also known as the Lim fjord, one of the most beatiful natural attraction of the Istrian peninsula. The Fjord itself is a little bit longer than 10 km, it is 30 meters deep and its widest part is around 600 meters wide. From both sides very steep mountains rise, in some parts even up to 100 meters. This area is also know for oyseters and mussels which are grown in the bay. Interesting boat ride through the fjord, enjoying music, homemade wine and homemade delicious.
In the evening arrival to Zelena Laguna by boat.

Price per person: 45 €
The calculation is based on min 45 passengers.

The package price includes;
• Transfer by confortable tour bus
• Licenced tour guide during the whole trip
• Transfer by boat
• Food and drinks on board
• Organization costs

The price not incluleds (optional):
• Ticket for Euphrasius Basilica Ticket
Payment for the entrance of Euphrasius Basilica is on the spot.
The ticket price is 6 € per person.

  • The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the program.
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